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My Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick Collection (with Swatches)

If you don't know who Jeffree Star is, where the hell have you been? He's a singer-songwriter, fashion designer, model, make-up artist, and all round bitch ass bitch. Launched in 2014, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a line of cruelty free, vegan, statement lip colours. Matte lipsticks have really taken off lately, particularly liquid to matte lipsticks,and I for one am a huge fan. I loved Jeffree Star in college, and when I heard he had developed Jeffree Star Cosmetics, I had to try them.

Top to Bottom (with flash): Celebrity Skin, Unicorn Blood, Androgyny, Hoe Hoe Hoe, Dominatrix

The packaging for the liquid lipsticks is made of what seems to be a very sturdy plastic. It’s smaller than I expected, but the tube itself is thicker than your average liquid lipstick tubes. I particularly like that the screw top clicks and locks into place. I have real beef with tubes that I can’t open because I’ve accidentally screwed them too tight, but you do not have that problem here. The doe foot application is fairly large, and for the most part, quite accurate. The only applicator I had a problem with was the one for Hoe Hoe Hoe. It seemed to be a lot fuzzier than the others, which proves quite tricky for a smooth application. I’ve since taken to using one of my makeup brushes to apply it, and haven’t had a problem with that.

 Hoe Hoe Hoe applicator (left) vs Celebrity Skin applicator (right)

Top to Bottom (without flash): Celebrity Skin, Unicorn Blood, Androgyny, Hoe Hoe Hoe, Dominatrix

All of JSC’s liquid lipsticks are “100% eye safe”, and I’ve seen a lot of make-up artists and the like on Instagram use them to produce statement eyeliners for editorial type shoots. It’s all very impressive, and they’re braver than I am!

This is the first lipstick I bought from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. A beautiful chocolate brown, Dominatrix is for the more courageous lipstick wearers out there. It applies opaque with one swipe and needs very little product. I find if I apply too much, it looks almost black against my super pale skin. I love dark brown lipsticks, and this is the first I've found that have not had any red tones in them. I love it!

Celebrity Skin
Celebrity Skin is my second favourite shade that I own from JSC. It's a soft brown nude with peach undertones. This is the only nude lipstick I own, so I wear this to work quite a lot. As with all JSC liquid lipsticks, the longevity of these is ridiculously impressive. I'll apply it at 8 am, and at only around 3 pm, after lunch and numerous bottles of water that I'll have to reapply because of feathering around the edges. The only thing I find with Celebrity Skin is that it is hands down the most drying out of my collection. I have to wear a lip balm underneath and apply a lip balm during the day over it. It's nothing that you can't combat, but it will probably drive you mad if you don't have any lip balm.

Unicorn Blood
Although Androgyny is my favourite shade, Unicorn Blood is my all-around favourite lipstick from JSC. I’m not quite sure why, but the formula for this lipstick is a lot smoother than any of the others I have. Unicorn Blood is a "dark rusty red that looks like it's straight from a Unicorn's veins". I adore this shade of red. It is the perfect Autumn/Winter colour and looks good on everyone I've seen wear it. The doe foot applicator allows for precise and even application. Bear in mind you only have about 30 seconds to manipulate the product, before it dries and is part of you forever, as it is a royal pain in the ass to remove.

Hoe Hoe Hoe
Hoe Hoe Hoe is one of the two lipsticks I purchased from JSC’s limited edition 2015 holiday collection. HHH is the ultimate holiday red lipstick. Described as "deep-toned and has hints of metallic red and purple throughout.” The red and purple glitter is quite noticeable in the tube, but when first applied to your lips, is not easy to spot. I find that after it dries, and as the day goes on, the glitter suddenly seems to ‘pop’ from the red base colour.
The best shot of the glitter I could get. Pictures can't quite capture the beauty!

Like the other lipsticks, this dries to a completely matte finish. I’ve read a few reviews that say to 'activate' the glitter, they wipe away some of the product with a tissue once it’s applied. I can’t bring myself to waste any of the lipstick unnecessarily, so I haven’t tested this. Seeing the glitter later in the day is enough for me. The glitter gives the lipstick an almost metallic shimmer, making this a very unique shade!

Androgyny was hands down the most desirable shade in JSC’s holiday collection. It was in such high demand that people were flipping their shit when it sold out, so Jeffree Star has made it part of the permanent line! Described as “plum mauve”, I was quite surprised how dark it was when I first tried it. It looks very light in a ot of the promo images and isn’t quite your typical ‘everyday’ lipstick. Despite this, I feel Androgyny is flattering on everyone. It doesn’t look the same on any two people, and it isn’t too dark for anyone to worry about wearing. It can be dressed up or dressed down, and I absolutely adore it. It is definitely a worthy addition to the permanent line.

One that I am absolutely kicking myself for not getting is Doll Parts. It’s a beautiful pink colour, and I really wish I had bought it. I’m holding my breath in hopes of Jeffree Star bringing it back. Hoe Hoe Hoe and Mistletoe have been removed from the website, but Androgyny and Doll Parts remain, so fingers crossed!

I'm so excited for Jeffree's venture into other make-up items. From the previews I've seen so far, his Skin Frost highlighters look incredible, and I can't wait to try his new Lip Ammunition when it's released!

You can order all of these shades from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website or for my fellow UK buyers, you can get them from Cocktail Cosmetics.

Do you have any Jeffree Star products? Which are your favourites?

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