Friday, 14 April 2017

CarnLIVal: Easter Edition

Katy and Sam are notorious for their brilliant events in the Liverpool blogging community.

Following on from Winter CarnLIVal in December, I had high hopes for Easter CarnLIVal. I couldn't fully enjoy the last one, having only been out of the hospital for a week or so, I had every intention of enjoying this one to the full.

Of course, I was not disappointed.

CarnLIVal was held in the stunning Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool City Centre. It was an exceptionally fancier venue than I was used to for a blogger event, but it worked very well. The event room had a beautiful balcony, and the weather was just perfect to enjoy the panoramic view of the best city around.

The room itself was massive, with gorgeous floor to ceiling windows, allowing you to peer out over the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, it was absolutely scorching so it was a little hot, but the company made up for it!

Katy and Sam had both been raising donations of sanitary products for local food banks, women's shelters and schools. Just look at the sheer amount of products they managed to collect from everyone that attended, as well as generous brands like Ruby Cup, Lil-Lets, JuJu Cup and Fab Little Bag!

As well as being incredibly generous in their donations to charity, they also gave a selection of products for the bloggers to try out. I've made no secret of my love for the Diva Cup (Read: I'll tell anyone that will listen), so I was really excited to try a few other eco-friendly ways to cope with my quarterly nightmare. I picked up a Ruby Cup and a JuJu reusable pad to try!

Now I don't use these words lightly but, 'There ain't no raffle like a CarnLIVal raffle' because Katy and Sam absolutely fucking nailed it. It was so great to see a mix of both large and small brands getting involved, and if you look reaaaaaaaaaaaaaal close, you can see my raffle wins! I was over the moon to win a bundle of Makeup Geek plush liquid lipsticks, and Dave won the beautiful Vendula London bag (which I've obviously claimed as my own).

CarnLIVal also included the now infamous 'Naughty and Nice' lucky dips, which I always go nuts for, because I love a good sex toy, and I FINALLY won The Millionaire from Smile Makers. I won't talk too much about that, because I'm saving that for another post, but I was buzzing. GET IT?

Derma V10 had a table at the event, showcasing some of their products. I've worked with them before, and I've seen them pop up at a number of blogger events, so it was nice to see a familiar face. The Chocolate Fudge body butter is an absolute revelation.

Besides showcasing some great brands and products, Katy and Sam really know how to put on first-class entertainment. There was the traditional poem competition, an Easter egg hunt, and a photo booth! Bloggers came from around the country to attend CarnLIVal so the photo booth was a great way to take away a personalised memento from the event. We were also treated to a talk from the lovely Deborah Morgan, who gave us the inspiration to find our true calling in life, and I came away feeling more motivated than ever to get my life together.

I loved catching up with the gang on the balcony, surrounded by stunning views of Liverpool. I particularly loved catching up with Lyd, everyone's moral cheerleader. She's such a wonderful person, and I never get to see her, and it was so lovely to spend a Saturday afternoon with her. 

Look at me clutching my BMO charger from Jack and Cable like a little child

To say that Katy and Sam did an amazing job doesn't do them justice, and I'm honestly not at all surprised. I'm lucky enough to be friends with them both and have seen first hand the amount of hard work that went into CarnLIVal. As well as putting together an absolute mountain of donations, the money raised from the event went towards Student Minds and the incredible St. Rocco's Hospice. Dave's Mum was looked after by St Rocco's throughout her treatment for cancer, and it really meant a lot that they were prepared to make that donation to a charity so close to my heart. They're absolutely smashing life, setting up their own freelancing company, starting a blogger subscription box and literally already planning another blogger event.

Bring on the next CarnLIVal!

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  1. Hi Sam

    We posted some Essence to you, but looks like we missed the deadline for the event. Hope you an you still use them by donating them to your causes?

    If so please dont forget to give us a mention!

    Hope alls well and speak to you soon.

    Kind Regards


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