Sunday, 7 May 2017

Photo Diary: LIV Organic & Natural Food Market Launch

Decorative bicycle at entrance of LIV Organic and Natural Food Market

One thing I always thought Liverpool was missing was a health food supermarket.

Something that the US definitely seems to have on the UK is a stunning range vegan/gluten-free alternatives. I think the UK is starting to come around and incorporate different lifestyles now, but if you're gluten-free, you're likely still stuck with a single aisle of food to choose from in Tesco.

Cupcakes made for LIV Organic & Natural Food Market

A selection of fresh fruit and veg at organic food market

The opening of LIV Organic & Natural Food Market is another notch on the thriving Independent Liverpool scene's belt. Not part of any chain, this organic food market is a breath of fresh air in Liverpool City Centre. Filled to the brim with vegan and vegetarian treats, LIV is a welcome addition to Bold Street.

The concept market brings an array of vegan alternatives to popular sandwich fillings, fresh fruit and veg, gluten-free bread and baking mixes, cruelty-free cosmetics and cleaning products, unusual kinds of pasta, and even organic pet food! LIV also hosts a 50 seat cafe, offering something for everyone with vegan, vegetarian, and meat options. There's a very strong awareness of specific dietary requirements throughout LIV, with allergens clearly marked and vegan or gluten/dairy free alternatives for almost everything.

Display of various types of pasta and sauces

Different brands of coconut oil on food market shelf
Have you ever seen so many different brands of coconut oil?

Different brands of nut butters on a shelf at food market
or nut butters?

A range of vegan alternatives at organic market
Rows and rows of vegan alternatives and different yoghurts!

A range of gluten-free dough and baking mixes
Just some of the gluten-free mixes on offer

A range of flavoured teas
So many delicious teas!
Close up shot on TreeVitalise Birch water display
Water...from trees?
I was pretty amazed by the range of waters on offer, which branched out to Birch water, flavoured with lemon or mint.

Freshly baked baguettes in a wicker basket
There's nothing better than fresh bread!

A range of fresh fruit and veg, including red peppers, apples, pineapples and green peppers
Just a small selections of the fresh fruit and veg on offer
In addition to the fresh fruit and veg, they have a pasta and dairy counter, where you can pick up pumpkin and sage tortellini, or beetroot ravioli. If that isn't what you fancy, you can grab yourself a loaf of freshly baked bread, with a range of gluten-free options.

So many different types of cheese!

So many interesting types of pasta

Beetroot Yoghurt was so delicious!

Fresh Tumeric

Fresh spices on offer

If you're planning on visiting LIV, I'd highly recommend trying the Beetroot Yoghurt from Brown Cow Organics. It shouldn't work, but it does! One thing I thought was a little unusual was that considering the attitude of the store and the eco-friendly products they do offer, they didn't stock any kinds of menstrual cups. The pads and tampons they offer are disposable and biodegradable, but it would've been nice to see a few alternatives.

LIV is perfect for a Sunday afternoon. After getting your healthy shop done, you can grab yourself something to eat at the cafe. If you just fancy a lazy afternoon in bed, you can order online for delivery or collection. 

Have you been to LIV yet? What did you think?

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