Monday, 1 May 2017

Samm and Danielle's 3 Month Challenge

Danielle and I seem to have formed a tradition.

After every blog event, we go for a giant, greasy takeaway. After our most recent event, over a KFC, we decided that we should probably rein it in because it's getting a little ridiculous now. We've both said repeatedly that we need to start working out and eating healthier, so we thought it would be fun to set ourselves a three-month challenge.

From May 1st we're both making an effort to be more active by going to the gym and partaking in regular Fitbit challenges. We're both eating healthier, and not relying on a delivery service for our lazy Sunday night dinners. No better time to start than a Bank Holiday, eh?

I have my own little goals for weight loss, and rewards set at different milestones because I have such a large amount of weight to lose. By the end of the three months, my goal is to be able to treat myself to a pedicure, new shoes, and a full body massage. My shoulders are fucked up, so a massage would really do me good! These are rewards at twenty, thirty and forty pound losses. I'm already at 7lbs (after gaining some of my post surgery loss back), so fingers crossed I've got this! I'm absolutely aware that a 40lb loss in three months is a bit of an unreasonable target, but aim high, right?!

I'm going to be updating regularly on Instagram at SabreSweating, so go follow me on there! Danielle's also going to be vlogging in May, so check out her progress on her YouTube channel.

Cross your fingers, toes and any other appendages for me!


  1. You girls will absolutely smash it and I know this for a fact! GOOD LUCK MY LADIES!!!

  2. Good luck ladies! I love this idea. Xxx

  3. You'll do amazing ladies! Fantastic that you're supporting each other! xx


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